Kumho Samco Buslines

Kumho Samco Buslines

Kumho Samco Buslines

292 Dinh Bo Linh St., Ward 26, Binh Thanh Dist., HCM city
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     Kumho Samco Buslines Company, Ltd. was jointly established by Saigon Transportation Mechanical Corporation (SAMC) and Kumho Construction & Engineering (HK) Limited (KUMHO) on 12 November 2007 as per investment licence no. 411022000141 granted by the HCM City People’s Committee. The company was initially founded as “Kumho Samco Express Co., Ltd.” and then was renamed “Kumho Samco Buslines Co., Ltd.” in 4 April 2011.

    On 28 November 2007, held at the Eastern Coach Station was the opening ceremony for Kumho Samco Express Transport Company, Ltd. - a joint venture company between Vietnam and Korea operating as an inter-provincial passenger transporter along fixed routes.



Establishing the company in the context of the global economic crisis, which also affected Vietnam, we bravely confronted challenges to set it operating effectively in the face of such unfavourable business conditions. To do this, we practised economy to minimise management and advertising expenses, and especially improved our attitude towards passengers based on the motto “As cosy as among family members and as amicable as among friends.” Notably, the company has created a lot of jobs for some of the unused social workforce. This is also a job opportunity for self-motivated and confidential people to benefit by the employment and then to contribute to the company and also to the society.

Right after its foundation, the company put into operations 40 high-quality coaches (Hino engine fitted coaches of 46 seats made by SAMCO in 2007) operating on HCM City - Phan Thiet, HCM City - Vung Tau, and HCM City - Buon Me Thuot routes.



Scope of business:

* Inter-provincial passenger transport along fixed routes;

* Road merchandise transport service;

* Coach rental on agreements (driver provided);

* Car rental;

* Travel service and domestic tour operator;

* Automotive repair and maintenance service;

* Passenger transport by bus.

The corporate organizational structure also includes branches in some provinces and cities, where they are located within or near the bus station in the respective locality.