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Trong ba ngày 14, 15 và 16 tháng 9 năm 2018, Tổng Công ty SAMCO đã tham gia đoàn công tác gồm hơn 200 đại biểu của Mặt trận Tổ quốc Việt Nam TPHCM, Thành Đoàn TPHCM, Đoàn bác sĩ Tâm Việt và các giới đồng bào Thành phố đóng góp cho hoạt ...
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     Ngày 11/09/2018, Xí Nghiệp Dịch Vụ Ô Tô Isuzu An Lạc (Xí nghiệp trực thuộc Tổng Công ty SAMCO) chính thức khai trương đại lý D-Square An Lạc
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With the motto “Listening to customers for product improvement”, SAMCO tries to annually launch its new products, meeting diversified needs with products of increasingly high quality. For this motto, An Lac Auto Mechanical Enterprise (the corporation’s affiliated enterprise) in 2018 launched ...
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Toyota Vietnam is one of the automakers in Vietnam that has focused on the development of its dealership over the past years. For the purpose of enhancing human resource quality and after-sales service quality, Toyota Vietnam holds its annual nationwide skills contest.
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On 7 September 2018, at the Ca Mau Province Conference Center was a conference on “Urban environment and southern industrial park” held by the Vietnam Urban Environment & Industrial Zone Association.
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In order to implement the strategy to build up a young staff in succession with good leadership that can keep with advanced trend in management aimed at leading the corporation to rise in the age of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.