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    Qua thời gian xây dựng và áp dụng hệ thống quản lý chất lượng ISO 9001:2015, Công ty Cổ phần Vận tải Ô tô số 2 (đơn vị thành viên của Tổng Công ty SAMCO) đã nhận được giấy chứng nhận hệ thống quản lý chất lượng ISO ...
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The city’s and the corporation’s youth are implementing various programs in celebration of the 36th anniversary of the HCM City Young Workers’ Traditional Day (15 Oct. 1982 - 15 Oct. 2018). In that spirit, the corporation’s youth also held assault and creative activities in celebration of ...
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On the occasion of the anniversary of the 26 November establishment of the corporation, the Standing Committee of the corporation’s Youth Union held a award ceremony for SAMCO’s 2018 typical young figures. The award was aimed at honouring typical models being SAMCO’s youth union members and ...
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In order to show responsibility and affection, develop traditional solidarity among the city’s people from every walk of life, and encourage further contributions to the Fund for the Poor on the occasion of the peak calendar month of looking after the poor (17 October - 18 November)...
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Annual October 20 is an occasion for us to honour women being mothers and sisters who are looking their families every day. They are also lady employees who are working to dedicate their strength and intelligence to the national development in general  and corporate development in particular.
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HCM City’s entrepreneurs and enterprises for 2018, the HCM City Union of Business Associations hosted a commemorative function on the afternoon of 13 Oct. 2018 at the HCM City Party Committee hall.