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     Theo kế hoạch, đến cuối năm 2017, dự án xây dựng Bến xe miền Đông mới sẽ phải hoàn thành giai đoạn 1, gồm các hạng mục: nhà ga trung tâm, khu vực đậu xe chờ tài, khu vực đón trả khách, hệ thống hạ tầng kỹ thuật ...
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 “In the morning, with the elder son drowsing aback and younger daughter in the front, a mother who is not strong enough has to make every effort to control her motorbike carrying various things including a backpack, big and small baskets, which is of everyday occurrence. Things would be ...
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: 1992
On Decemebr 13, Secretary of HCM City Party Committee Dinh La Thang had a meeting with the City People’s Committee, departments, and districts on solutions to HCM City traffic congestion.
: 2015
On November 9 morning, the Quyet Thang Bus Transport Cooperative put into new 20 buses in place of old ones on the no. 8 route (District 8 Coach Station - HCM City National University route).
: 1791
On October 27 morning, the Public Passenger Transport Management and Operation Center combined with Training and under the City Cadre Institute to open the first training course on soft skills for drivers, assistants, and city bus managers.
: 1519

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: 1542
The information provided by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry Industry and Trade showed the gasoline prices will gain VND 170/liter as of 15 p.m. on 5-10.