Cargo transport


     In this field, SAMCO has 2 member companies that operate as general construction contractors and provide domestic and overseas road, river, and maritime cargo transport services. SAMCO currently manages and exploits big sea ports such as Ben Nghe Port, Phu Huu Port with a turn-round capacity of more than 4 million tons/year. In addition, SAMCO also manages the Phu Dinh River Port, known as HCM City’s largest river port, which provides warehousing, loading and unloading, forwarding services.

Major activities:

* Port-provided cargo loading and unloading services.

* Domestic and overseas warehousing business; bonded warehouse business.

* International container transit services.

* Management and development of seagoing and river ships in the domestic and overseas maritime and river cargo transport business.

* Shipping agency and forwarding services; customs clearance for ships entering and leaving ports; maritime and ship renting brokerage services.

* Customs declaration and all-inclusive delivery services.

* Road transport and container transport services.