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In the face of human and material damage to northern mountainous fellow citizens during the past time, a great many agencies, organizations, and individuals in HCM City made charitable donations to flood-hit people through the HCM City Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee.

On the morning of 2 July 2018, Deputy Chairwoman of the HCM City Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee Trieu Le Khanh accepted a monetary donation of VND 200 million from the staff of the Saigon Transportation Mechanical Corporation.


Deputy Chairwoman of the HCM City Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee Trieu Le Khanh accepts the amount of relief.

On behalf of the SAMCO corporation’s management and employees, Ms. Tang Thi Thu Ly - corporate Deputy General Director - said every past flood season, people inhabiting northern mountainous regions were faced with natural disasters, which resulted in heavy human and material losses.

With the spirit of mutual affection, the SAMCO Corporation called upon its staff to make a monetary donation to flood-hit people, which is considered SAMCO’s Corporate Social Responsibility act.

Touched by the SAMCO staff’s sentimental attachment for the flood-hit people, Deputy Chairwoman Trieu Le Khanh said the HCM City Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee on 26 June 2018 proposed a relief trip including the city’s leader representatives to pay condolence visits to families suffering flood-caused losses and simultaneously to make monetary donations to families with dead or missing relatives.

In addition, in the coming time, the HCM City Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee will continue to call upon contributions by individuals and organizations to the city’s relief fund, which will be used for urgent financial assistance of the families with dead, missing, or injured relatives or collapsed houses…

Accepting the amount of relief from SAMCO, Deputy Chairwoman asserted that every past flood season, flood-hit victims had received an opportune amount of relief from SAMCO. Such a deed showed the SAMCO staff’s caring hearts of sharing willingness. Within her responsibility, Ms. Trieu Le Khanh claimed that the amount of relief would be opportunely and effectively distributed among families heavily affected by the flooding.

Source: Fatherland Front Committee

Translated by Tran Canh Trong

Written : Nguồn: Ủy ban MTTQ