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In order to implement the strategy to build up a young staff in succession with good leadership that can keep with an advanced trend in management aimed at making it easy for the corporation to rise in the age of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The corporation established a Club of Young Managers in 2011 with an intention of offering training to current young office-holders and those who are intended to become the corporation’s executives in succession.

The club operates frequently with diversified activities from conducting work-related management skills and soft skills training courses given by industry-led experts to holding major seminars aimed at communicating the preceding managers' experience to the corporation’s young senior executives.

As part of the activity program 2018, on 14 September 2018, the Club of Young Managers will conduct a training course on the “80/20 Principle” for the club members and the corporation’s office-holders intended to become higher-level ones. The training course is aimed at communicating knowledge concerning some principles such as beginning with the end in mind and putting first things first and time management based on the 80/20 Principle and at the same time creating an opportunity for planned office-holders to exchange views and build relationships with each other.


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Translated by Tran Canh Trong

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