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Annual October 20 is an occasion for us to honour women being mothers and sisters who are looking their families every day. They are also lady employees who are working to dedicate their strength and intelligence to the national development in general and corporate development in particular.

On the occasion of the 88-year anniversary of the Vietnam Women’s Union (20 Oct. 1930 - 20 Oct. 2018), the corporation’s clerical trade union held a function in commemoration of the 20 October Vietnamese Women’s Day on 17 October 2018, through which the clerical trade union commended 54 typical lady employees for their excellent contributions in the corporation’s business activities and innovations in their jobs.


Mr. Le Quang Dinh - corporation’s Deputy General Director - offers congratulations flowers to the ladies at the function.

Nearly 200 lady trade-unionists of the Parent Company and lady counterparts from departments and agencies, and especially retired lady employees who were once members of the trade union executve board, attended the function. Some cooks and a bartender were also invited to the function to provide a practice guide to dishes and recipes for mocktail respectively, according to restaurant standards, for friends and relatives.


Cook Pham Hoai Thanh - chief cook of Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Restaurant - offers a guide to making a dish made of raw jelly-fish and vegetables.

     After the guide, the ladies had an opportunity to make the dish and mocktail right at the function



This function showed attentions the corporation’s top management and clerical trade union show for SAMCO lady employees, who hence get more attentive to taking care of themselves to enjoy a happy life, thus contributing more to their families, to the corporation, and to the society.

Written by Le Huu Phu

Translated by Tran Canh Trong

Photos of the function:

Written : Hữu Phú