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On the occasion of the anniversary of the 26 November establishment of the corporation, the Standing Committee of the corporation’s Youth Union held a award ceremony for SAMCO’s 2018 typical young figures. The award was aimed at honouring typical models being SAMCO’s youth union members and young workers who, through their creative labour, contributed to the corporation’s sustainable development.

Among 52 typical models being young workers recommended from the corporation’s affiliates and subsidiaries, the corporation’s Youth Union Standing Committee selected and granted the title “SAMCO’s 2018 typical young figures” to the 11 most excellent individuals and the title “SAMCO’s 2018 promising young figures” to 5 typical individuals with many initiatives that improved work efficiency of their workplace.


With the results achieved, the Standing Committee of the corporation’s Youth Union solemnly held a ceremony to commend SAMCO’s 2018 typical figures on 27 October 2018. The award ceremony transmitted a message on the corporation’s core values including “Integrity - Sense of responsibility - Creativity - Co-operativeness”.

In the coming time, SAMCO’s typical figures will be given a refresher course and opportunity to attend exchange forums, seminars, and SAMCO’s young managers club.

Written by Le Huu Phu

Translated by Tran Canh Trong

Photos of “SAMCO’s 2018 typical young figures” and “SAMCO’s 2018 promising young figures”

Written : Hữu phú